Help Reloading Wittner Super-8 Cartridges

Discussion in 'Camera Building, Repairs & Modification' started by hbsmiller, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. hbsmiller

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    Jul 14, 2013

    I recently bought some bulk super 8 film from Wittner and a reloadable super-8 cartridge. And when practicing loading with dead film, I'm struggling to get the super-8 to run smoothly through my camera, as Wittner cartridges does not come with the copper ring used to keep the film in place.
    I think they have replaced the copper ring with a clear plastic larger ring (seen in the photo, inside the cartridge on the right) that is suposed to keep the film (on the receiving side of the cartridge) in place some how?

    Here is a photo of everything supplied with the cartridge: [​IMG]

    Please could someone give me some advice on how to load these cartridges? I have seen some information on this forum about DIY reloadable cartridges but not the Wittner cartridges.

    I hope this makes sense, Thanks in advance.