Heavy Light: Recent Japanese Photographers and Lectures at ICP

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    I was at the opening for the show last night at ICP. They are showing a quite large selection of Japanese photographers works. The nature of work ranges from straight to conceptual photography.

    My favorite is Hiroh Kikai's portrait of people with character in Asakusa, "Asakusa Portraits." He was influenced by Diane Arbus, and this is a really good series representing the diversity of people in the area. He mentioned that he has been working on this project for 35 years in a conversation with him last night.

    On Saturday there will be a series of talk by some of the photographers in the show. Kikai will be one of them. I cannot make it, but it will be an unique occasion for sure.

    Also, if you like his work, you can purchase his new book on this project which is about to come out. I have an old one published in Japan, but the new one will be a great addition.