Hdyra-aquan 7 - what is it?

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    This is a LOOOONNNGGGG shot but...I picked up an old book on historic processes called "how to make old-time photos" by John McDonald. He has a couple recipes for silver based emulsions in there (not very fleshed out though, and he offers little reasoning behind the formulas - could easily lead to failure...the book mainly deals w/ cabon, gum, bromoil, etc.) and he mentions using Hydra-Aquan 7 (produced by a company called M.V.) in several of his gelatin based coating formulas. He states that photo-flo can be substituted but it is inferior due to the fact that it is just a wetting agent and doesn't contain any additional emulsion conditioners (which presumably Hydra-Aquan 7 does). Needless to say a search of the web was a dead end...I can only assume the product is long gone. Is anybody familiar with this product? If not does any other product fit this vague description (that might be superior to photo-flo)?

    I'm not all that hung up on it (I'm fine just substituting photo-flo), just curious.