Hasselblad Focusing screen FRAME(metal part only) for 553ELX

Discussion in '[Classifieds] Want to Buy' started by DanielStone, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. DanielStone

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    hey all,

    well, I just picked up my 1st hasselblad(a 553ELX) today, but I've run into a small problem. The screen doesn't have a frame(or fresnel lens, or spacer if needed). So I'm looking for one...

    anyone have one or two they'd be willing to part with? Or should I just order one through Hasselblad in Jersey direct(or is there a chinese cheapo one that'll work fine as an alternative?)



    p.s. please PM with a price, including shipping
  2. brucemuir

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    Dec 25, 2007
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    Read the fine print on the Chinese knockoffs via the Bay.
    Some of those have no metal frame either.
    You're expected to swap out the frame from your original 'blad screen.

    If you get hardup, PM me and I'll dig up one of my screens that came on my 500 c/m. These are pretty dim with no focussing aids.

    If I were you I'd splurge for a decent screen though.
    At least you'll know it will be close and it's immensely easier to focus with a decent screen of your choice.

    Hopefully whichever you get will not have to be fitted to your body but it's alway a good idea to have the screen calibrated to your body when you get that body CLAd that you surely budgeted for. :smile:
  3. Leigh B

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    Jan 17, 2011
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    I'm with Bruce on this... Get a proper screen.

    The one you have (and similar Russian screens without frames) will not focus correctly in the camera no matter what you do.

    The alignment jig for setting the mirror and screen is very expensive (I paid over $4,000 for mine), so expect to pay a bit for a proper body adjustment.

    It would be VERY difficult to remove an existing screen from its frame and install a new one with anywhere near the required accuracy. The distance from the support points at the bottom corners of the screen to the bottom surface of the screen is critical.

    Since you have to unroll the lower edges of the frame to change the screens, and the new one may not be the same thickness as the old one, getting the new one in the correct position would be a major challenge.

    - Leigh