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Hasselblad 501CM and Extras ***Sold***

  1. For sale is a beautiful Hasselblad 501CM outfit in excellent, lightly used condition. In addition to being in exceptional cosmetic condition, functionally the camera is perfect, as it was recently serviced at ProCamera (Bill Moretz). Included are the 501CM body with waist level finder and Acute-Matte screen, an 80mm F2.8 T* Planar CB lens, and an A-12 black with matching insert and dark slide holder. The lens has clean, blemish-free glass, clean aperture blades, and a shutter that runs perfectly at all speeds without lagging. The serial numbers on these pieces all are from 1997.

    Also included are a Hasselblad B60 UV filter, lens hood, strap and the 8mm extension tube described below.

    I will sell this package for $1350 shipped in the CONUSA. I will ship abroad, but you will have to cover the cost of traceable, insured shipping. I will cover the PayPal fees.

    Not pictured but included with the package is an 8mm extension tube in used but perfect working condition. Front and rear caps for the extension tube are included.

    Thanks for looking.

    The 501CM is now SOLD.
  2. Price for the 501CM package now reduced to 1375 shipped, and package now includes the 8mm extension tube.
  3. Final reduction: $1350 for the 501CM package shipped.