Hasselbald 501

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    Feb 18, 2010
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    Hi to all,

    I will try to explain this as good as possible.

    When I shoot the first frame on a roll and before doing a complete advance and grab of the film for the next frame, the winding crank has a "loose" point before grabbing the film again. So basically after the shot there is a very small spacing gap. If I force it I believes sticks. Basically it sticks if I fire on frame then without "aligning" it I guess I wind it to go to the next one fast. It does that with or the magazine on or off. I had no problems how the film came out but I am wondering if this matches the gears or aligns something in there before advancing to the next frame or it is not normal. It also does a gentle mechanical sound when it does that.

    Any HB please let me know since I just got this and haven't use a HB in maaany years.