Has anyone here used both the Elichrom ....

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    Has anyone here used both the Elichrom ....
    Deep Throat and the 74" Octa-bank deep lighting system?

    If so can you give me a difference in what you've found.... Pros and Cons...

    There is about an 800$ delta but I'm being loaned these from a special friend and would like to ask for only one. I'll be in the studio shooting very tasteful nudes. I'll have an assist. to help moving.

    Also, I think the 54"(?) does not need a C-Stand where the 74" will (I've used this before)

    I know the 74" light really wraps around the suject so softly. Does the 54" deep throat?

    Also, the Ranger RX system driving these?????

    Any help would be very welcomed.