Harry Benson Show at Smithsonian

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    Oct 16, 2002
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    There's an interesting retrospective of Harry Benson's work at the Museum of American Art (through Sept. 7). I'm not into the journalistic style much, but I must say he does it superbly.

    The really interesting thing to me is how good the prints are. There are lots of prints of photographs from the 70s and 80s which have obviously been digitally processed. The enlargements from these are just magnificent.

    Had these been merely enlarged from the original negatives the quality couldn't have been nearly so good. There are some really beautiful portraits (like the one of Alexander Haig) made as recently as this past January in the show which leave me wondering whether he used a digital camera or had the film scanned after development. In either case it's becoming increasingly more obvious all the time to me that, properly used, digital technology can enhance film based imaging to an astonishing degree.

    The Museum is at 9th and G Sts., NW, (Gallery Place metro stop) if you're going to be here within the next few weeks. Well worth a look.