Hands on Carbon Printing Workshop -- Newport, OR, Mat 7,8,& 9, 2010

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    May 7, 8, and 9, 2010

    I will be teaching a week-end carbon printing workshop at the excellent facilities of the Newport Visual Arts Center. The classroom's large windows overlook the beach and the darkroom will handle the max of 6 participants comfortably.

    We will meet at 4pm on Friday, quickly make a carbon test print from your negative, and have you out the door in time to enjoy dinner and the sunset. This will prepare us for the next two days of print making. You will have hands-on experience in all parts of the carbon printing process! My goal is to send you home with a print and the knowledge and experience to start making carbon prints at home.

    May is still considered off-season for motel rates. Weather can be mixed -- always interesting.

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    The workshop is definitely happening. There are two spots still available.