Hand Coloring Black and White Photographs Workshop in NY

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    Hand Coloring Black and White Photographs
    Instructor: Elizabeth Holmes
    1 Session: Sunday November 5
    12 - 3pm

    Add color to your black and white photographs in this alternative process workshop. Photographers have been hand-coloring images since the discovery of the photographic process, but the emergence of color film in the 1930s lead to a rapid decline in hand coloring. By the 1970s, hand coloring regained popularity as a creative tool to enhance black and white photographs. Today, hand coloring is an important technique of working photo artists. Students will use oils and pencils to hand color their own images and consider the artistic possibilities of a range of materials, images, and printing techniques. Oils and pencils will be provided. Workshop attendees should bring 1 to 3 fiber matte prints and a mat board one size larger than their prints.

    For additional information, visit: http://www.cameraclubofnewyork.org