Gumoil Printing Michelle Pritzl / July 27 -August 1, 2014

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    Gumoil Printing Michelle Pritzl
    July 27 -August 1, 2014

    Gumoil is a labor intensive process that takes several days to hand craft a print. The gumoil process uses a positive transparency instead of a negative to create a unique, handmade image. Gum arabic and potassium dichromate are brushed onto paper and exposed, hardening the gum arabic. The paper is washed, leaving a light negative image. Oil paint is rubbed into the surface of the paper and rubbed away to create a positive image, then prints are placed into a bleach bath to etch away gum arabic and allow for additional tonal separation and the addition of color. The final image is a textured, unique image that can be monochromatic or duotone.

    Bring many images to work with, digital or analogue, the more the better. The workshop will cover everything from your enlarged positive transparencies to the finished print, and you will finish both monochrome and duotone prints as well as experiment with different sizes.

    Tuition: 795.00

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