Gum Bichromate Workshop in Los Angeles with Karen Fiorito. May 1, May 9, etc. 2010

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    This workshop covers the essentials of the time-honored gum-bichromate process. You will leave the workshop with a small edition of your own two -color gum-bichromate prints. Master printer Karen Fiorito will guide you through the entire process - from the creation of individual plates from the digital image you provide through the care and handling of the final prints. She will also describe some best practices for the process and make suggestions for individual images which may require special treatment and help you make your own set of fabulous gum-bichromate prints. Please note - you will need to e-mail a scanned image that you'd like to use within three days of the workshop start date. You may also submit a hard copy for scanning for an extra ($10) fee.

    Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    Location: Downtown Studio
    Instructor: Karen Fiorito (click to see a sample of her work)
    Duration: One Day.
    Dates: See available sessions below

    Topics covered in the workshop are:

    making separations (screens) from a digital file or flat artwork
    registration of screens
    color strategies for separations and the creative process
    choice of inks - other alternatives to ink
    choice of paper/ alternate material selections for substrates
    historical practices and creative options
    image enhancement/modification (bleaching, brushing, masking and other advanced practices)
    analysis and follow through/troubleshooting session where warranted
    care and handling of final prints

    Space in the workshop will be limited to 10 (ten) participants..Each participant will go home with their own edition of silkscreen prints. The workshop fee is $275 or $240 for members.There is an additional lab fee of $45 to cover the cost of fine art papers and inks for this workshop. . The workshop takes five hours and includes a lunch with a non-alcoholic drink of your choosing. The fee also includes handbook summarizing topics included in the workshop. Individual instruction is also available upon inquiry.

    Please see our membership page for additional huge discounts on all workshops and merchandise as well as other goodies. There is an additional $20 off the workshop fee if purchased online, below. Students of accredited educational institutions are also eligible to receive a 15% discount on all workshops. Please inquire about multiple workshop discounts too.

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