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    Palm Press is a custom printing and presentation lab in Concord, MA, doing really fine work for people from all over the country (the world?) They print for lots of big name folk and for our own Suzanne Revy. We took a group of 18 young film photographers in for a visit today and could not have been better treated. They stopped everything, showed us around (You gotta love a lab with two 8x10 enlargers!) and then spent over an hour discussing printing, fine photography and the whole "vision thing" with the boys. What a great bunch of people!

    Everything I've seen from this lab has been stunning, from Suzanne's knock out prints to museum murals of Arno Minkkinen's work has been spectacular.

    If you're looking for a lab (and I have no affiliation with these guys) give them a shot. People this nice, doing work this good should be recognized.