Greasing a Jobo CPP-2 with lift

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    Greasing a Jobo CPP-2 with lift. Clearly it has been too long since I did this because I have forgotten where one of the two grease types goes. I can find nothing in the manual about greasing the unit. When Jobo service was in Michigan they sold me two kinds of grease to maintain the unit.

    One is packaged with part # 93071 and is a white grease in a white tube with a tiny paint brush. There are instructions with this with two tiny almost black pictures and no text. As near as I can tell the white grease goes on the gears and white plastic “chicken foot” that causes the drum to switch rotation from one direction to the other.

    There is also a black grease, part # 95465, contained in a clear 10ml hypodermic plunger type dispenser. There are no instructions with this. I can’t remember where the black grease goes. I can only find traces of the white grease, some what dirty now, on any moving parts. Any suggestions where to put the black grease?

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    Contact Service Photo, 3838 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD, 410-235-6200, and ask for John. He repaired Jobos at one time and may be able to help you out.