Graphis shutter Press Focus button - got it!

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    Jan 6, 2005
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    Well, I spend this evening with a pleasant job - I did a full CLA of leaf shutter on my Speed Graphic's Ektar 127/4.7. What a surprise - I tried to push the press focus button, but nothing was happening - I thought it was inoperable. It requires loaded shutter for operation, what's curious! So one had to charge the shutter, press this button, press the release, focus, charge the shutter again, and shoot. What an ingenious ergonomic design!

    I found a nice way to adjust the spring tension without any trouble on my focal plane shutter, but it's still a bit too rapid compared to leaf shutter. Oh well. The difference is maybe 1/2 stop, judging by the negs, so I will spit on it and shoot with some film speed correction :smile: If someone's interested, to loosen the spring (or to tighten it) you should remove four oval-headed screws holding the lower tension plate, carefully lift it without disengaging the curtain and the counter gear, and turn clockwise the whole thing to loosen the spring, and counterclockwise to tighten. If the other end of curtain shaft doesn't fit back into its bearing on opposite side of camera, unscrew carefully the chromed bearing, clean and grease it a bit, and put it back. Everything should work fine then. The main criterium is a curtain well closing by itself on tension 1 and setting 0, after pressing and holding the release lever.