Got E-6 Cubes of Chemicals, now what?

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    Our local lab stopped processing film a few weeks ago, and today I scored the remainder of their E-6 chemicals, new full cubes of everything except fixer, $50 a cube. All the cubes have a 2010 manufacture date, but problem is the starters. All the cubes are Fuji-Hunt chemicals, the Bleach and Developer starter are Kodak and the starters are expired 2007 and 2008. I also received some Agfa E-6 Developer starter from 1998 which is a nice shade of red and smells like stop bath.

    - where do I get the little poor spouts to put on the cubes and what do they call them officially?
    - I'm guessing I'm better off just trashing all the starters considering it's a cheap thing to buy. Can I use Kodak starters with Fuji Chemicals?
    - Is their a trick to putting the little poor spouts on without looking alot of chemicals or getting too much air in the chemicals? (Gloves are odvious.)
    - Fixer? I can't use B&W fixer can I? Is their a good generic fixer for color that works for both C-41 and E-6?
    - The final rinse is expired, manufacture date 2008, the guy at the store said they still used it, is this going to be an issue?
    - I know this stuff is normally good for 2 years after the manufacture date, bleach lasts a LONG time. Is their anything I can do to extend the life? I do happen to have a nitrogen tank and hose, I was going to use nitrogen when I mixed up bottles of chemicals.
    - The Agfa starters come in nice bottles, if I remove the starter (which smells like stop bath), do I need to neutralized the bottles somehow to not effect other chemicals if I want to use the bottles for other things?

    I was seriously like a kid in a candy store today! It was great!
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    nice score
    i cant help with any of your questions but I'd think the final rinse keeps very well
    i think starters last awhile too

    anyway I glad you lucked into these.
    you get it straight Im sure
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    Try these or these for cubitainer spigots. To get them on without leaking, lay the cube on its back with the screw top pointing at the ceiling, then once the spigot is on roll the cube forward to the correct position for dispensing. Get new starter, it's pretty cheap.
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    The first developer starter is a solution of carbonate and bromide, I recall. Nothing organic that would 'expire' although mould/algae is a possibility, I guess.
    It should be brand independent at the final working solution, as it is to simulate the natural by-products of processed film in a fresh tank.

    The CD starter is a acetic acid based. Somewhere in the Kodak E-6 Z manual there is a suggestion on how to convert the first starter into a substitute second starter.