Fujica ST801 Database

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    Jan 30, 2006

    Any members with a Fujica ST801 and/or a Fujinon 55mm F1.8 lens please be so kind to help me as I begin the gather data for a Fujica ST801 Database.

    For the ST801……..please submit to me via email the following info:
    Serial # , chrome or black, late or early model, owner’s name, and state/province&country

    **For anyone not knowing if it is a late or early model….I can usually tell by your serial # but I can tell for sure with a photo of the front of your camera.

    For the 55mm F1.8 lens…….please submit the following info:
    Serial #, type of grip (diamond shape or vertical nub), early or late model, owner’s name, and state/province&country

    **Concerning early or late versions of the lens, usually the diamond shape grip is the later model and the vertical nub grip is the early model.

    Thanks all who contribute….soon there will be a website for displaying and gathering this info.

    Bob Iozia email: bob40caliber@yahoo.com