Fuji 8582 Movie Stock- Experiment?

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    Got a 400' roll of Fuji 8582 cine film stock- ISO 400, Tungsten balanced. Respooled it cassettes for still camera use, and here are what I got.

    Processing was unofficial- handprocessed in a Paterson Tank. C41 Fuji-Hunt developer, DIY acetic acid/sulphite stopbath, DIY Copper Chloride bleach, Ordinary 20% sodium thiosulphate solution for fixer, and a 5% formaldehyde solution with surfactant for final rinse. The black remjet back-coat was removed in a borax-sulphate solution. OK, I know that this is not right- but I don't really care since it is perhaps the only feasible way I can develop this film without spending a fortune and waiting for cine-labs to accept short-ends.

    Exposure was through various light sources, with and without an 85 filter.

    Phenix-205 Rangefinder camera, cloudy daylight, no filter.

    Leica IIIf, Travegon 35mm, Canon 85 conversion filter.

    Leica IIIf, Travegon 35mm. No filter, Tungsten household lighting.

    Leica IIIf, Summar 5cm, No filter, mixed 'warm' and 'cold' sodium vapour lighting.​
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