FT/FS: Noblex 135S

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    Aug 2, 2007
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    Medium Format
    Body is clean. Frame spacing is correct. Exposures are good, per the examples I printed this a.m.
    It's panorama is roughly 135 degrees, so 3 exposures can cover a full circle.
    Lens is a 29mm Docter-Wetzlar.
    It also features a lens shift which, I think, is to help keep from having to much ground in your shots.
    Just two little things to note: (a) badge missing from back (b) rewind knobbie thingie is broken.

    $800. US shipping included. Just a little more overseas, but only if I can ship Priority (expect about $50).
    PayPal OK, but you cover fees.

    Trades: A* 85/1.4, F*300/4.5, or partial trade for other quality Pentax lenses. Willing to consider other goodies. Just ask.

    Please ask about your country. With some I cannot ship Priority and I have no time
    to stand in line at the post office and with some I have no PayPal protection.
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