FT: Customized Fender Strat W/ New S.D. Lipstick Pickups & Super Vee Tremelo System!

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    This guitar went to TMS custom drum/guitar shop for a make over. They came up with this: A MIJ Fender Vintage Maple C shape neck with a maple fretboard with a VINTAGE tint to die for! Vintage locking tuning machines and a NEW HIGH TECH Super V locking nut round out the neck. All of that, is bolted to a USA hwy one Strat body, with a custom worn finish, not distressed but smoothly worn with a satin shine! The electronics are New, Seymour Duncan Lipstick Pro Set, reverse wound middle. Five way CTS switch, CTS pots and Orange Drop Caps, all hand wired. Now about the tremolo, it is a Super V Tremolo with fine tuners, it is part of the set with the locking nut, complete with trem bar, check them out, pretty nice! The action is great and the neck is perfectly straight. There is a fair amount of money and time that went into this build, see below. I cannot play it due to some nerve damage which causes my fretting hand to go numb, I thought switching to an electric would be easier on my hand but it is the arm being held up that causes the numbness. So this guitar is just as it came from the shop. I would like to trade for an good DSLR and Macro lens of equal value. Thanks, Mike.

    Super Vee Tremelo & Locking Nut = $350.00 (Best Tremelo on the Market, check out their website at http://www.super-vee.com/technology.html )
    MIJ Vintage C Shape Maple Neck = $300.00
    Stratocaster HWY One Body = $250.00
    Seymour Duncan Lipstick Pro Pickups = $300.00 (Amazing Sound/Rave Reviews)
    Custom Worn Finish Paint Job & Labor = $150.00

    Note: I will have the pictures up tomorrow afternoon. Or you can email me directly for pics. The guitar is a beauty!