FS: Topcoflex TLR W/Metal Lens Cap and Leather Case

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    I have an Extremely Rare Topcoflex TLR made in Japan. These are hard to come by and in this condition with original case and lens cap. This one is ready to shoot, though 1 & 2 are a little off, never had problems with C-41 or B&W films. Most of my exposures are in seconds since I shoot early or late and stop down so it never bothered me when I used the camera (maybe 3 times). The body I would say is in very good condition, with the lenses being scratch, mold/fungus and seperation free. There is nothing to go by on Ebay and only one auction estimate of $500-700.00, when you can't find results on Ebay it is pretty rare. I'm realistic and don't expect to get that amount. How about $200.00 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 US. for a collectible and useable tlr. PM me DIRECTLY if interested please. Thanks, Mike.

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