For Sale FS: Silvestri H Hermes 6x12 58mm f/5.6 XL Super Angulon Complete

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Jan 9, 2008
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Silvestri H Hermes 6x12 58mm f/5.6 XL Super Angulon Complete
Likely the most complete set you'll ever see. Heaven knows it took me long enough to assemble.

$2749 includes Paypal but not shipping.

Silvestri H. Serial 93H001.
It might be the first one ever made, since this camera was announced in Fall 1992. All bubble levels work (including the one visible in the viewfinder; viewfinder auto-rise/fall working. This model does +15mm rise and -10mm fall. Handmade modular camera designed for handheld architectural and other type of shooting that need rise or fall.

Schneider 58mm f/5.6 XL Super Angulon. Clean, crisp, mounted in the customary Copal 0, in a Silvestri helicoid. The 58 is the best lens that was packaged with this camera, it has plenty of coverage, and if you ever hunt down the parts that convert the H to 4x5, it will cover that format too. Accessories included for lens:
  • 67mm to 86mm step up ring (you need 82-86mm filters for shift)
  • 67EW (86mm outer dia) B+W 010 MRC filter
  • 67mm Schneider front cap
  • Compact shutter release button (if you want to handhold without the grip)
Silvestri 58mm masks. Includes 58mm masks for 6x12 and 6x9. The masks click into the viewfinder and auto-compensate the field of view when the camera shifts.

Silvestri Grip. Talk about unicorns - this is a heavy wood and parkerized metal grip with a tripod socket on the top (and bottom). I have mounted an ISO-style accessory shoe. The grip includes a cable release. This was actually made for the SG612, but it fits most Silvestri cameras and makes handling very smooth.

Silvestri 6x12 back+roll holder (*and a 6x9 one too!). This allows you to mount the included Silvestri 6x12 roll holder (it’s a modified horseman). Back revolves 360 degrees in 90 degree clicks - so you can shoot a super-tall 6x12 frame without turning the whole camera. Back has bullseye levels at the 0 and 90 degree positions (this is how you can calibrate the viewfinder level if necessary).

With the 6x12 revolving back, you can cut down any Horseman roll holder made for 4x5 to fit this back. This outfit also includes a Horseman 6x9 roll holder modified. So you don’t need to run down a bunch of Silvestri parts to run 6x9 or 6x7 (or to get an extra 6x12 roll holder). You just need a machine shop, and I can let you know who that is.

Silvestri groundglass panel. Fitted with a new Horseman 6x12/9/7 grid groundglass (Horseman supplied the groundglass).

Silvestri Focusing magnifier. This looks like a manual transmission shift boot and has a magnifier. It allows you to do precision focusing and framing.

Other options. The following can be supplied as extras. Not for separate sale.
  • 67/86mm Schneider Center Filter IIIc with 86mm Schneider front cap (+250)
  • 86mm Contax thin MC contrast filters (orange, green, 1A, all with cases) (+100/the set)
  • 86mm B+W 010 MRC slim KR1.5 (+25)
You can look me up on Evilbay under Cadillac1701.


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