FS: Rodenstock apo Ronar 240mm 9.0 in prontor shutter

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    Jun 11, 2004
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    For sale is a like new rodenstock apo ronar 240mm MC F9.0 lens in prontor shutter. One of the sharpest lenses available.

    I bought it a couple a months ago, but it is to long for my very small studio so i have to lean out of the window to look at the matt glass...
    Ideal for 4x5,5x7 or 8x10. It is in new condition. comes with both caps and retaining ring.

    The Apo-Ronar is the classic process lens. But the scope of this lens, withits outstanding definition, goes far beyond process and product shots. With a field angle of around 48 degrees it is a first-class long focal lenght lens for all formats whose long side is not larger than half the focal lenght. A lens which is light, compact, attractively priced and still superior in sharpness and field angle to tele lens designs.

    Asking price is 299 euro.

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