FS Power winder for Minolta X & XG series

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    Power winder for Minolta X & XG series cameras. $10 plus shipping. Third party power winder (Rokunar brand). Looks like it has never been used. I tested it (without film) and it works. Came with a package of 4x5 enlarger stuff I bought. I don't have a Minolta camera (borrowed one for the test). Comes in original box c/w instruction booklet. Specifications (from the instruction booklet):
    • fits all "X" series (X-700, etc.) and "XG" series (XG-A, etc. ) cameras
    • approx. 2 frames/sec
    • Wind modes: Off, Continuous, Single frame
    • 4 AA batteries (Alkaline recommended) [not included]
    • Battery life approx 60 x 36 exp rolls
    • Works at all shutter speeds plus Auto or Program
    • Winding stops automatically at film end
    • Red LED lights at film end
    • Green LED lights when power is on

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