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FS or FT: Lubitel 2 - Price lowered again!

  1. Lubitel 2 for sale or trade. Pretty clean, works, viewfinder has some dust. Strap lug and winding knob screw are a bit rusty for an unknown reason but it hasn't been around moisture while in my possession.

    $15 + shipping (should be less than $10) or trade for some 120 film of most any kind except expired stuff.

    IMAG0754.jpg IMAG0755.jpg IMAG0756.jpg
  2. Bumpity bump for the price change
  3. One more time!
  4. This is a steal, folks. This camera can be a little fussy to work with, but it's capable of exceptional imagery.

    [​IMG]0229-12 by Brian Y, on Flickr
  5. Does it have any filters on board? There's a door on the left side that might have filters.

    Is the inside flocked?

    And that is an excellent photo.
  6. do you ship internationally?
  7. I don't believe it has filters. I'll have to check this evening if it is flocked.
  8. It is possible but the shipping cost far outweighs the value of the camera. USPS flat rate box to most other countries is $69.50.
  9. If still on sale on my next payday (23th :tongue:) will surely get it.


  10. Sold