FS Light Impressions 22x28 Mat Board

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    Aug 25, 2004
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    For sale - an unopened package of Light Impressions Exeter Standard 4-ply mat board plus 7 additional sheets of the same board. Total of 32 sheets. 22x28 in size. The unopened pack is $239.80 at Light Impressions right now. Make me an offer for all of it.

    You can see it at:


    Here are the specs from their website:

    Get the best of both worlds: a board that's not only economical, but also well made!
    Our Exeter™ Conservation Board has proven to be extremely stable and safe for important documents and artwork, and has passed demanding accelerated aging tests (i.e., P.A.T). It is acid-free, made from purified wood pulp, and has a pH of 9.0 +/- .5, buffered with calcium carbonate. 2-ply (27.5pt., 1/32" thick), 4-ply (55pt., 1/16" thick) and 8-ply (110pt., 1/8" thick).