FS (in Australia): Cambo/Calumet 4x5s and accessories

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    Now that my Cambo 8x10 has gone to a new home it is time to try and move the 4x5s and accessories on as well.

    I have one complete Cambo 4x5 and one complete Calumet 4x5. Both have the standard bellows on a 560mm/21" rail. The Cambo is older but slightly better built. There is one revolving back and one reversible back. The parts are completely interchangeable so I could swap them around to suit. One of the tripod blocks has a Manfrotto hex plate attached which I can remove if not needed (I put in an extra screw so it couldn't twist).

    So, Cambo with revolving back would be AU$350, Calumet with Reversing back AU$250

    There are some other accessories which I could add into the deal if you want.

    There are lots of lens boards, Copal 00, Copal 0, Copal 0 recessed, 7 x Copal 1, 8 x Copal 3, 50mm (Copal 2?), 73mm (Alphax 4), 80mm (Compound 4), 82mm. Most of these will be AU$35 each. The recessed board is $50, the 82mm is $25 and there are a couple of Copal 3 boards with screw holes for a flange that will be $30 each.

    There are a couple of 8x10 reducing backs. These are original Cambo SC backs and are in their boxes. The 5x7 is AU$75 while the 4x5 (which is missing the GG) is $50.


    More photos and descriptions here: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~pentaxmx/resources/photos/for_sale/index.html

    All items are located in Melbourne. I'm happy to post to US/UK/Europe/Canada. Email me at paulewins (at) optusnet (dot) com (dot) au or PM me here.