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    I'm slimming down my stack of cameras and finding homes for the ones I don't use. This is a classic 6x8 inch folding camera from the mid 1950s and is basically a miniature Speed Graphic. It has camera movements, but unfortunately does not have the focussing back, or ground-glass screen. Focussing is by rangefinder and/or vernier scale. Viewfinder is the frame finder popular with 1950 press photographers. The main features are:

    Rodenstock Ysarex 105mm f4.5 (excellent, sharp lens) in a Synchro-Compur-P shutter. In good condition and working well.

    '23 Graphic' back - takes standard 120 rollfilm.

    Red leather Bellows. The bellows have been repaired several times but are light tight in normal use. I've not used the camera with them fully extended.

    Kalart Synchronised (coupled) Rangefinder. In good, working condition, but could probably do with cleaning.

    Also included is a spare lens board (VERY hard to come by) currently fitted with a 0.5mm pinhole, a Kood filter adapter ring 35.5mm - 49mm, and a modern copy (Old Time Cameras) of the original instruction book.

    In short, a highly usable collectable camera.

    £200 ONO

    PM me if you're interested or want more info.