FS: Fujinon-W 300mm 5.6 in CLA-needed Copal #3 shutter

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    Title essentially says it all.

    This is my 2nd Fuji 300, originally bought it for the shutter to get a re-mount done by SKG, but changed plans.
    Very sharp lens, a great performer on 8x10 or a sturdy 4x5/5x7 setup if you don't mind the extra weight.

    -Shutter(Silver-ringed Copal#3) will need a CLA. Most shutter speeds are working fine(haven't exactly tested them for "correctness"), but the 1/4 setting runs about 1/30 or slightly faster. Soooo... that taken into account, I'm cutting the price down some.
    -Glass is pretty clean, some internal dust, and a tiny bit of Fujiitis(just like Schneideritis, small white dots on internal parts of barrel).
    -Lens caps(front=knock off Canon 77mm snap cap / rear=slip-on Nikon rubber cap) are INCLUDED :smile:
    -Retaining ring(flat type) is also included in sale.

    $325 shipped/paypal'd in the USA, int'l add $25 for extra shipping via USPS Priority Mail
    USPS Money Orders and cash are also accepted as payment.

    ***SOLD pending receipt of payment over on LFF***

    ***SOLD pending receipt of payment over on LFF***
    ***SOLD pending receipt of payment over on LFF***


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    Daniel, did it sell?