FS: Fujinon 250mm f5.6 Soft Focus lens in Copal 3S on Linhof style board

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    Dec 14, 2003
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    Up for sale is a very nice Fujinon 250mm f5.6 soft focus lens on a Linhof style board.

    In full disclosure, the lens had a bit of fungus on the front surface of the lens. I cleaned it off, but there is still feint traces visible only if you turn it the right way in the light.
    This does not affect the use of this lens, especially since it is a soft focus lens!
    Also, I do not have any of the sink-hole disks.

    Now this lens does come in a copal 3S shutter, which hard to find these days.
    It is working perfectly, and yes, it does fit the legendary Kowa 305mm and 360mm f9 lenses!

    I am pricing this lens at $250 shipped in the US.

    Speaking of the Kowa Graphic lenses, I just happen to have a 305mm one as well. If you are interested in both, I will cut you a deal.

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