FS/FT: 155mm Grandagon-N 6.8 lens

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    Hey all,

    After some consideration, I've decided to do a "swap" on my equipment 8x10-wise. I'm essentially selling my entire kit lens & camera wise, and this lens is part of that "swap". I am sticking with 8x10, albeit with a different camera(Arca) and some different(and fewer) lenses.

    Here for sale(or trade) is my Granadagon-N 155mm 6.8 lens, mounted in a well-running Compur 1 shutter.

    Glass looks great. There is some minor speckles of internal dust, but it doesn't seem to have affected any of the film I've run through this lens since I've had it.
    Comes w/ Rodenstock caps and retaining ring.

    ***I am also interested in doing a "straight"(we each cover shipping from our respective ends via the fastest method possible, or if in the USA, someway fully insured/tracked) trade for a Schneider Super-Symmar XL 5.6 lens WITH CENTER FILTER. ***

    Price is $1550, this includes USA shipping via UPS Ground, insured & signed for.
    Payment via Paypal if we split the fees 50/50, or USPS Money Order
    Int'l shipping IS possible, I will use USPS Express Mail. Int'l buyers will need to add $30 for extra postage costs, and we split Paypal fees 50/50.

    Sinar lensboard CAN be included in sale, for an additional $25. Otherwise lens comes unmounted, lens/caps only.

    thanks for looking


    all pictures of lens can be seen here:
    http://s788.photobucket.com/albums/yy161/mr_danielstone/155mm Grandagon-N/