FS: Excellent Nikon F100 body + cap + strap + batteries

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    I picked this up the other weekend at a street fair as it was so tempting, I'd really like to keep it, was debating it.. but I'd have to invest in a Nikon line of lenses, and I need the $ for my China trip, got enough cameras atm.

    Cosmetically in beautiful condition except for some missing paint above the viewfinder and next to the shutter speed scroll wheel.

    Shutter speeds all seem accurate, everything is clean, shoots nicely @ ~5 fps.

    Depth of field preview button works, hotshoe clean. LCD backlight working.

    Exposure compensation -5 to +5 in 1/3 stops.

    Want to know anything else... ask.. pictures below.

    Asking Price: $275 AUD + shipping cost.
    Location: NSW, Australia

    10% sale price to APUG.

    Otherwise will toss a coin whether to end up on eBay or buy a 50/1.8. Would prefer it to go to someone who will put it to good use.





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