FS: Durst CLS 200& Lavako to fit 138s - $150

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    Up for sale is a working Durst CLS 200 with TRA-200 power supply and a Durst Lavako adapter.

    All filters work perfectly. Bulb lights up nice! Stick it on, plug it in and turn it on.

    Everything seems to work perfectly... could use some more clean up. Comes with an extra bulb (I need to test to make sure the backup bulb works, there is some darkening on the glass. The bulb in the unit looks perfect)

    The big on the knob controls the height of the head.

    To mount, simply open mirror door, remove mirror and attach Lavako. For best results, removal of the door from it's hinge (pull pin) will allow the Lavako to lower the head to it's lowest point. With door on you can only lower it to about 4.

    My guess is it would be VERY easy to adapt the Lavako to fit any number of Dichroic heads.

    I have not tested it but the yellowed paper attached to it says at a dial setting of 7, the exposure would be around 10 seconds @f8.

    Will shoot more photos soon... might even put it on the enlarger and test it out.

    Will trade for a nice 150mm enlarging lens... or partial trade for 39mm lens board for durst, or 200 condenser.

    There is a post on photo.net that shows an Agfa color head mounted to it. http://photo.net/black-and-white-photo-film-processing-forum/00S5NM

    $150 OBO - $20 shipping in the Continental US

    More photos coming

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