FS: Dr. Rudolph Hugo Meyer 14.5in f/5.5 Double-Plasmat!

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    Just when you thought your Sinar P with it's big ol' Symmar was heavy, along comes this beast! What I'm offering is a 14.5-inch, f/5.5 German-made convertible plasmat in a Betax #5 shutter. Think of all the portraiture this thing can embellish! And coverage, massive. On my Sinar 8x10 (with the 8x10-specific front standard) I've never run out of coverage, so you 11x14 people may want to consider this as well.

    Want a good classic normal-ish lens for your 8x10 at a reasonable price? Yep. Want to make a dashing portrait that smooths skin and has just their eyes and nose in focus. Can do. Gets better on 5x7 and 4x5!

    But wait! Ever think to yourself "If only I was just a bit closer?" Well, now you can be! Just unscrew the front element and you've got yourself a 24.5-inch lens, f/11.


    Now, at f/5.5, you'd need an awfully big hat some some wicked reflexes to think of using your cap as a shutter for this monster. Not so! Mounted in a sound and snappy Wollensak Betax #5 shutter, and including a correct, female-threaded cable release (don't worry, it'll accept male threads as well). I can't vouch for the accuracy of the speeds, but they definitely seem in line and have always worked for my calculations.


    So, condition. Like I said, the shutter works as it should, and the aperture blades are spick and span. All of the engraving on the shutter is crisp and clear, and there is no paint loss, though there is some brassing around the rim of the lens, on the outside. The glass is bright and clear, but does show a few tiny bubbles, which I have never seen any remnant of in a finished print. No scratches, no chips, no separations (air spacing all the way through), an no coating to rub off, because it was never there to begin with. Serials numbers on the front and rear elements match. The Sinar lensboard is a bit scuffed and has some tiny flecks of paint missing, but is solid, and the lens is solidly attached to it with an original mounting ring and four new machine screws. The cable release is fine and dandy as well. Any dust that you see in the pictures will be gently removed before shipping to its new owner.

    And finally, terms. You'll get the lens, mounting ring, Sinar board, and cable release, but you're only paying for the lens. I've already got another cable release like this for my other Betax shutter, and no need for a Sinar board with this big of a hole in it. I've got no lens caps for it, but I've always kept it in a plush-lined zippered case, which I'll also toss in.

    For transport, it's going to go in a medium flat-rate USPS Priotity Mail box, which will cost $11, including shipping, to anywhere in the US. I'm listing a few things, so if it'll fit in the box and you want it, I'll make the appropriate changes.

    I'd like to get $375 for this, shipped, but as a poor art school student, I'm open to reasonable offers, bribes, and suggestions. Payment via paypal (add 3%), or by money order or check (gotta wait, though) I'll also consider trades for like-valued Sinar bits. PM with offers, post questions and requests below, and let the fun begin!