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  1. BradS

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Sonora, California
    4x5 Format
    Here is a nice 4x5 Pacemaker Crown Graphic. As you can see it has a side range finder, top view finder and Graflok back. There is also an OEM fresnel lens for bright ground glass viewing. This one came with the usual 135mm Graflex Optar that looked like a miniature hokey team had used it for an ice rink. I replaced the well used original lens with the 135mm Symmar-S shown in the photos. This is, of course, a significant upgrade.

    Everything works well. The rangefinder works and is relatively bright but it is a little off. The lens is clean and clear, very sharp and of course, has plenty of room for movements. It has a touch of schneider-itis but it does not seem to have any effect at all on images. The shutter was professionally CLA'd about four years ago and still seems to be running fine.

    As a bonus, I'm also including four Fidelity Deluxe film holders so you can get started right away. These are plastic holders with the metal pull tabs on the dark slide. All four are in good condition. They seem to be less common but somewhat more desirable than the newer Fidelity film holders.

    Asking $275 plus shipping. As always, Money Orders from the US Post Office are greatly preferred but, other forms of payment are possible.USD
    Price : 275.00



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