FS: CPAC Processing Chemicals For C-41 and RA-4

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    I have some CPAC darkroom chemicals I purchased from a local school when it closed down its darkroom. From talking to the photo teacher, the chemicals are the last batch and they have had steady shipment flow. He can't specify the exact purchase dates. He would speculate that they are about 1 year old.

    This is what I have:

    Item Product Code List Price
    C-41/TL-50 Film Developer Starter (bottle) 55DE519 $4
    TL-50 Developer Replenisher Kit 55DE571 $95
    Trelux-23 Bleach Replenisher 55BL543 $160
    Trelux C-41 Film Fixer Replenisher 55FX557 $33

    ColorPAC RA Processing Kits 35RA350 $70
    TriPhase RA Developer Replenisher (bottle)
    Universal RA Bleach-Fixer 30BF395 $73
    ColorPAC RA Bleach-Fixer (bottle)

    The only items I do not have are the film stablizer and RA developer starter. The last are the CPAC marketing prices.

    These chemicals are particularly good for small photo lab and pro photographers who have some steady flow in the darkroom. They can also be used by home user. Most of the bottles make either 5 liter or 10 liters. There are several bottles in each case.

    All the chemicals are sealed in the original boxes and are stored properly. I'll probably have about 10 bottles/boxes each. The most I have is the bleach, both C-41 and RA-4. I'm flexible in terms of pricing.

    I'd prefer local pickup since shipping chemicals is not that easy. The supplies are located in central New Jersey area.