FS: Century #2 camera, w 2 lenses, holders, film

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    Jan 21, 2003
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    Got a Century #2 5x7 camera in good usable condition. It lacks the rear extension rail. All adjustments work, the bellows are reasonably light tight; I've had no problems outdoors with light leaks.

    With it comes one 210mm portrait lens in a working Betax #3 shutter. Close up you can work wide open, but at infinity you'd better stop down. It's a very old lens in a shutter with accurate shutter times. The cable release socket is nearly worn out, you need a cable release with aggressive threads. Lens is beautiful, bought it from Jim Galli about two years ago, I remember paying $260 for it.
    There is also a 210mm rectilinear lens; it has no aperture iris or shutter. From what I can recall it's an f/7 or so. Makes beautiful negatives.

    Five film holders (all wooden and fully functional) are included. They're in nice shape and light tight.

    This is the third time I'm listing it, so I'm throwing a working Beseler rotary base and a print processing drum into the deal. It works nicely to process the sheets in and gives wonderful even development.

    Finally there are two boxes of outdated, but functional, Ilford HP5+ and FP4+ film.

    I'm asking $499 for all of it, shipped priority mail, insured, anywhere in the United States (if from Hawaii or Alaska, let's talk). If anyone from abroad would like to buy it, we need to negotiate shipping costs and arrangements.

    $25 to APUG after payment is received.


    - ThomasUSD
    Price : 499.00