FS: Calumet 4x5 View Camera, lenses, accessories For Sale as a Package

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    1 Calumet 4x5 View Camera; 1 90mm Caltar Wide Field Lens f8.0; 1 240mm Caltar Lens f6.8; 1 135mm Schnieder Symar Lens f5.6; 1 Bellows Lens Hood; 1 120/220 Rollfilm Holder; 1 4x5 Polaroid Film Holder; 12 4x5 Sheet Film Holders; 1 Air Cable Release; 1 Swivel Adapter; 1 Angle Finder; 1 Camera Case; Assorted Gelatin Filters; Original Owner's Manual;Also,several books on the use of the view camera. $750. total OBO (money order or certified check) for the package, plus shipping and handling (USA or Canada). Plese contact:

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