FS 360mm 600mm Nikkor ala Steve Grimes

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    My lens tastes have shifted over the years to softer images and old brass lens. However, if you look at Ken Lee's beautiful work with his Nikkor process lens you would be surprised what a ethereal image one can make with these lens.

    This 360mm Nikkor process lens is incredibly sharp. The glass looks pristine. I purchased it several years ago after someone else had had Steve Grimes install the cells from this process lens into a Betax No. 4 shutter. Steve installed the cells and inscribed the f9/f22 aperture scale for this 360mm/600mm convertible lens. This lens includes the Grimes shop's special lens caps which cost at least $35 apiece if you were to purchase them separately. How about $435 plus shipping/insurance in the USA which I would estimate would be about $15, plus paypal fees unless other payment arrangements are made. The V8 board will be available to the buyer, if wanted, for an extra $20. Percentage to APUG :smile:

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