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    hope and something for your mental health. Здравствуйте, друзья мои. Many years ago I purchased part of the inventory of a failed Russian camera store. Today it seems like another lifetime, but that is a different story. In part of that purchase, I also received a box of cameras to be repaired and parts. Today those can be yours. I know...a large sacrifice on my part but in the grand spirit of downsizing (the mantra around our house now), it is time to offer the box from Russia. Sorry but I have taken no pictures of this. I will do that if you are interested and want me to, but I think we all know what these cameras look like, don't we? So, what is being offered?

    1. A Zenit 3M body and case. The camera suffered broken shutter tapes and can be repaired. It is engraved on the top in Cyrillic...something about my darling and love forever. My darling's significant other economized and bought the 3M which used the Industar lens, however so the larger Helios lens will not fit in this case. At least not happily and not without force. If you curse at it, please curse in Russian or the camera and case may not understand you.
    2. A Zenit EM in black. Olympic model with the Olympic emblem tastefully printed in white on the front of the prism. Totally complete and in nice condition with center dot focusing screen, good prism, working meter...but with bad shutter tapes. This camera is originally black and not one which was painted by an "artisan" with a can of spray paint. Also has the cold shoe (missing the little screw which acts as a stop for the flash unit.
    4. A nice Zenit 3M which has had the tractor wheel release removed (and there may be another one in the parts sack for all I know). Maybe 12 years ago (on a dare) I repaired the shutter and converted this to "instant return mirror" using parts from an E or B parts camera only to remember later (ha, ha, ha who needs mental help now) that no 39mm lenses with automatic aperture mechanisms exist. But...this is a nice camera and you will have enough 3M pieces to form one really nice model. The leatherette on this one is tight and not lifting as many Russian cameras did. One note: A prior owner scratched his name on the bottom plate (I wonder what made the 3M owners so prone to doing this?) but then he politely removed his name using something like sandpaper, a rock or maybe his wife noticed it was the name or phone number of his girlfriend and she used her fingernail file or what used to be his front teeth to remove it. There are few clues to that mystery today. The instant return mirror still works, by the way but I later removed the lens aperture actuator to be used elsewhere. The shutter also seems to still be working, but I can't say if it is still accurate.
    5. And then there are 5 other Zenit E or B models or variants which are truly parts cameras and a small box and a couple of plastic sacks of other Zenit/Zorki parts, screws, etc.

    So for a mere $15 plus the cost of shipping you can have a Russian Camera Bonanza! I am sure you can resurrect the 3M and the EM if you are patient and want to repair the shutter tapes. And think of the fun you'll have doing it. If you don't know how to repair the shutter tapes, imagine the joy of learning a new talent. Oh, and I mentioned your mental health, didn't I? I am told one secret of good mental health is to challenge your brain. So think of this as a prescription...not many prescriptions cost only $15 (plus postage) anymore.

    And how about the cost of shipping? Well, I do not have to mail you those 5 other Zenit E or B bodies, you know. Those will add the vast majority of the weight to the box and they could be recycled here in Texas.

    If questions, please send them to: