Free Philips PCS 130/150 enlarger in SF Bay area

Discussion in 'Darkroom Equipment' started by srs5694, Jun 25, 2009.

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    May 18, 2005

    On another forum (the Yahoo Tri-One group), somebody has posted that he wants to give away a Philips PCS 130/150 enlarger. He's in the San Francisco Bay area -- Palo Alto, to be precise. I don't know if he'd be willing to ship it. (A tip: If it needs to be shipped, ask to have it shipped in two boxes to reduce costs -- if the column is shipped separately from everything else, that'll really help keep costs down!) If you don't know, the Philips PCS 130 is a condenser enlarger made by LPL and sold in the 1980s. The PCS 150 is an additive color light source and controller used with the PCS 130; it has three bulbs, one each for read, green, and blue, and the brightness of each is adjusted electronically. The end result is similar to using a conventional subtractive color head, although of course Philips claimed all sorts of advantages. The Tri-One group's files section has manuals and ads, if you're interested. It's a sturdy design, capable of handling up to 6x7 with the right condensers, although I don't know what condensers the unit in question has. The head can tilt for wall projection and it can do Scheimpflug correction (to "fix" converging parallel lines in architecture, etc.).

    In any event, if you're in the SF Bay area or are willing to pay for shipping (if the donor will ship) and want one of these, contact Bill Miller ( or So far he's had no takers on the Tri-One group. I guess everybody there already has the Philips enlargers they want -- I've got a PCS 130 and two PCS 150 control units, one for a spare. I'd hate to see this unit end up in a landfill, so I offered to post a pointer here. (I'm unaffiliated with Bill Miller, aside from our both being subscribers to the Tri-One group.)