Free: 4 low end 35mm Cameras

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    Four junky 35mm cameras. Free but you have to pay for shipping from 60070 (USA). I would like to do it this way: I ship by priority mail and you pay me actual cost. Prefer Paypal. These things probably aren’t worth the shipping cost which will be around $5-8 estimated.
    1. Old Spartus “35”. GRAF Achromat 50mm f7.7, F-stops 7.7,11,16, shutter has inst and time. No focus that I can see. Pretty good shape. A little dirty on the outside. Lens looks OK. Has original box in good shape. Film counter and tripod socket.
    These three I got from an Aunt who probably got them free for buying things from Reader’s Digest. None of them have been used.
    2. Vivitar T101. 28mm focus free lens. Plastic camera from China. No adjustments. Box and instructions.
    3. Bell +Howell 250NP, China, 27mm Optical lens, f9.5,focus 1m-inf, Normal 24x36mm or panoramic mode 13x36mm, shutter 1/100 sec, Built-in flash takes 1 AA battery, plastic, with box and instructions.
    4. MAXIM 888, Camera made in Taiwan, Lens made in Japan 50mm f6, stops marked for 6,8,11 and 16 but I don’t see a huge aperture change looking at the lens, one shutter speed, with box, case and instructions. Pretty cheap looking.
    I don’t use 35mm so thought I’d see if anyone was into this type of very low end 35 camera. Hate to just trash them.