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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Not unknown, especially not in the BeNeLux countries and specialized only in analog photo materials since 1997. Practical experiences with film and paper up from 1967 (yes, I started very early!).

    Distributor from:
    Foma SRO (Czech Republic)
    Fuji (Japan)
    Rollei-Maco (Germany)
    Efke (Croatia)
    for films.

    Heiland Electronics (Split Grade, Densito meters etc.)
    FEM-Kunze (Analyzers)
    Jobo (Film processors, tanks and darkroom supplies)
    Dunco (Enlargers and easels)
    Nova (Darkroom supplies)
    Zörk (Macro)
    Berlebach (Wooden tripods from Germany)
    Moersch (Fine art products)
    Heliopan (Filters)

    Amaloco Photochemicals export to Russia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Unfortunately the Dutch Amaloco factory recently closed and we had to replace these fine photo chemicals by Rollei, packed by Compard.

    With a regular one day delivery to the Netherlands from our web shop. Up from Eur. 2,25 delivery costs in the Netherlands. Free payment without fee within the Euro zone.

    Speciaal voor onze BeNeLux klanten: Veel plezier op APUG en kijk regelmatig in de APUG Subscribers Coupon Forum voor de speciale kortings aanbiedingen.


    Best regards, met vriendelijke groet,

    Robert V.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.