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    Project Basho Newsletter: September ’07​

    Lecture Series Starting This Fall at Project Basho
    We are pleased to announce that Project Basho will host a lecture series starting this fall. For the inaugural lecture, we are working closely with the Media Arts Department at The University of the Arts to host a lecture by Shelby Lee Adams on September 21st at Dorrance Hall.

    Shelby will share his previous work as well as his unpublished work from his recent trip to Eastern Kentucky this summer. Shelby will be presenting different material than he did during his last visit to Philadelphia. His most recent monograph "Appalachian Legacy" will be available for purchase and book-signing as well.

    Visit our website for a more detailed schedule for our fall lecture series.

    Onward: Juried Photography Exhibition
    One of the projects we have been working on over this summer is the preparation for Onward, a juried photography exhibition. This is an open-themed exhibition exclusively featuring new and emerging photographers with unique vision. Selected photographers’ work will be featured in a group show at Project Basho Gallery in January ’08.

    We will be formally announcing the competition this week with guidelines and the name of juror. So stay tuned with us.

    Color Darkroom is in!
    Our color darkroom has steadily become busier with people who love to make their own color prints. Since it is the only one not only in Philadelphia but also in the surrounding area, we had a photographer coming all the way from Washington, DC to make 16x20 prints of beautiful scenes of decay the other day. Another photographer has been coming to create proof sheets for a project she has been working on. Prior to this, she had no choice but to rely on small index prints from a photo-finishing store, which is a world of difference, she says.

    Again, our color darkroom is up and running with a modern 20" processor and 4x5 enlargers. We will be setting up another enlarger on a wall this coming month so that 20x24 prints can be made in the space.

    For more information, please visit our website.

    Platinum/Palladium Printing Session: September 15th, 12-5 pm

    We are running another printing session for platinum/palladium printing this coming Saturday. Again this is for those who have had previous experience with the process. All you need are your negatives, your favorite papers, and coating chemicals. If you have negatives already from your large format cameras or digitally-enlarged negatives, join us for making these beautiful handcoated prints.

    The session costs $50 and runs for 5 hours. We will provide the basic chemicals and all the equipment you need. You can also purchase some materials such as a sensitizer kit and some selections of papers reasonably. Tsuyoshi will be there to assist participants during the session.

    We will be limiting the number of participants to 5-6 people to ensure a smooth printing session. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

    Upcoming Classes/Workshops

    - Re-introduction to Photography (Day & Evening Class)
    This is a refresher course for those who want to come back to the world of photography. If you have taken a photography class in college and have been away from practicing photography, this will be a great opportunity to get back to it.

    - Photographic Vision I (Day & Evening Class)
    Many beginner photography classes tend to become about equipment and technicalities without providing a good fundamental for understanding photography in the context of visual art. This beginner class will introduce the world of photography to you with a fine balance of techniques, aesthetics, and history.

    - Photographic Vision Color (Day & Evening Class)
    Understanding color is rather complex and the skills to utilize color well take years to master as you see in painting and other visual media. The same principle applies to photography. In this class, you can explore the world of color photography by developing a solid understanding of color theory and how different lighting conditions create different colors.

    - Photographic Vision II (Evening Class)
    Completing your beginning photography class? This intermediate class will allow you to further explore photography by developing a solid technical understanding of materials and refining the overall process from shooting to finished prints.

    - Fine Printing (Evening Class)
    Silver printing offers one of the most beautiful ways of making photographic images. In this class, students will learn a comprehensive approach to silver printing and develop an array of problem-solving techniques.

    - On-location Lighting Workshop (September 22 & 23)
    Led by Shelby Lee Adams, this workshop will cover the creative use of fill light for environmental portraiture. This two-day workshop will cover the intricacy of mixed lighting of ambient and artificial light. Shelby will also de-construct other photographers' lighting techniques to create the setting in the field. Understanding of fill light is very useful since it wil give you subtle effects without giving a flashy look to your images. Fill flash is used to complement the available light without ruining an ambient feeling of the situation.

    - Introduction to Large Format Photography (September 29 & 30)
    You may wonder why one would want to go back to using these heavy and bulky photographic equipment in this technology-driven world. In fact, large format photography will bring your dependence on your equipment to a bare minimum and give you more room for creativity and different dynamics of working with your subjects. As well-said by many artists, limitation is a creative tool. If you ever wanted to learn how to take advantage of large format cameras for your photography, this workshop is for you.

    - Artist Bookmaking for Photographers (October 6 & 13)
    The history of photography has always been closely interlaced with the technology of the reproduction. While photography is usually associated with speed and scale of the reproduction, artists have always been interested in craftsmanship of bookmaking on a different scale. This workshop will guide you through the basics of creating hand-made books from designing, image transfer, to binding.

    For more information and updates, please feel contact us or visit our website.

    Project Basho
    – Re-introducing Photography to Philadelphia –
    1305 Germantown Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19122