FOMA liquid emulsion too greyish after fixer

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    Dear all!

    I use Foma photo liquid emulsion on hanmade paper and something new happened:

    The picture looks fine in the developer, but after i place it into the fixer (it usually gets a little darker), but these times it turns to greyish, especially the white parts and the brushstrokes also get visible.
    I tried different brushes, but dont find out what could be the problem.
    Or if it is either the brush, or the fixer or maybe the emulsion?

    Please let me know if you have any idea i could use.
    Thanks a lot,

  2. Photo Engineer

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    Apr 19, 2005
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    Right off, it sounds like fog. Is the emulsion old or has it been stored at room temperature for a long time? This would do it. Of course, some paper ingredients can cause fine colloidal silver (fog if you will) to form.

  3. OP

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    i think so, during its transport.
    Can i do anything to that?
  4. Jim Noel

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    Mar 6, 2005
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    It is fogged from age. You might be able to revive it with some sodium benzotriazole.
  5. gandolfi

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    Jan 28, 2005
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    the answers here sounds right.

    For you, and others that might get/have the same problem, I'll cut n'paste mine and stines answers to you from facebook..

    "Stine" :

    "I'm afraid it is the bottle of emulsion. Is it emulsion from Foma?

    We had a summer course a few years ago, where we had the same problem. I remember the frustration every time the paper reached the fix. We tried everything, just like you have, and never really figured out the problem. We also tried to open a knew bottle of emulsion with the same result. When we bought some new emulsion, the problem disappeared. The only thing we could think of, was that the whole batch of emulsion was bad...

    Foma emulsion is beautiful and cheap compared to other kind of emulsion. Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes it's just bad. I know that the Foma factory will not send emulsion to us directly, because they are aware that sometimes it is not good. We have only tried this once, so we still prefer to use Foma emulsion in spite of this risk.

    Did you buy it in a store or at the internet? Try to get a bottle from another batch and lets hope everything will be fine;-)

    This will be my suggestion, the way you describe it sound very similar to our expiriences that summer.

    Best regards
    Stine "


    and then mine:

    "unfortunately I agree with Stine...

    It sounds like you have gotten a (rare) bad batch of the emulsion.

    I still favour the FOMA emulsion over all others that I know of, due to the quality - the easy worlflow and of course the price!
    Once in a while you get this problem, but in my experience it happens quite rarely. fortunately.

    What can you use the emulsion for then?

    Don't just throw it out.
    1: exposed/fogging emulsion can be used as spare emulsion if you need some for retouching.

    2: IF you print with the intent to tone the images, then chose an image with quite high contrast - make your print, and then slightly bleach it, following a selenium toning.

    Or brown tone the images.

    Our brains somehow doesn't see then "grayness" in a picture, if toned... then it just looks to have a nice warm tone overall...

    So try and buy a new bottle of emulsion, and use this on the above mentioned situations..."

    take care, and don't worry. This is the "risk" we all take when using photographic materials..