Focal 80-200mm F4.5 Macro Zoom - New-Old-Stock

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    Jan 3, 2008
    For those of you too young to remember, there was once a ubiquitous discount store called K-Mart (it is rumored there are some still extant) that had a good photo department (by contemporary standards). They had their own house brand called Focal, and it was also good (especially by contemporary standards). In any event, history lessons aside, I happened across one of their zoom lenses once made for Minolta MD mount, and it is new and mint in the box. This is a multicoated Japanese made 80-200mm F4.5 Macro lens with a paltry 13 elements. Sold will all original items (caps, box, paperwork) including a retro chic little brochure describing other Focal lenses of the time. You use this or collect it - the latter is a temptation to me as I like this sort of stuff!

    Price: $30 plus shipping

    I can take PayPal, money orders, cash, or checks and I ship almost everywhere in the world!

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