Fine Focus Workshops Fall Foliage Workshop .... September 2006

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    A note that we really need to hear from anyone who is interested in this workshop. We have two weeks + to go before we have to turn back to the Lopstick Lodge any unused accommodations. Once the rooms we have booked are turned back it is unlikely we will be able to recapture them. The workshop is the last weekend in September (the evening of September 28th through October 1st) which is the height of Fall Foliage season in the North Country, an impossible time to find a room. We are really excited that, for the first time ever, we were able to secure a block of rooms at this time of year and would hate to turn any back.

    My best guess is that the combination of lots of rain and cold snaps starting in the next few weeks will lead to some really spectacular foliage. For those who shoot black and white the area is equally breathtaking. Pittsburg, NH,where we are basing ourselves for this workshop, is in the remote northern most part of New Hampshire just on the Quebec and Vermont borders and surrounded by the lakes that form the headwaters of the Connecticut River. Basically and area rich with landscape and nature opportunities (more mooses than peoples around). The workshop is open to shooters of all formats and we willhave a variety of large format ultra large format and panoramic cameras of our own for folks to try out. Richard will have his new 7x17 to demonstrate.

    We still have room for a few more but we really do have to close it off on August 27th.

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    Last Call!

    A few places are left in the Fine Focus Workshops Fall Foliage workshop in the northern wilds of Pittsburg, NH September 26 to October 1.

    We need to keep or release the rooms at the Lopstick Lodge based on our enrollment.

    If you're interested, we need to ask for a decision (and payment) by about Sunday the 27th.

    Join us on 'The Glory Road', one of the destinations we'll cruise during our time up there. Contact Ted Harris, 603-428-3845.

    Bruce Barlow