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Discussion in 'New York' started by M.A.Longmore, Jul 20, 2010.

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    I went out to Stony Brook, Long Island today, and I spotted a film user, with a 4X5 !
    But, that's cheating it was actually Stony Brook resident FM2N ( Arthur ) APUG Subscriber,
    and Long Island @ Large Format, Group Member.

    I created the group in June, it took a few weeks, but we finally got together today.
    We were out for almost four hours, it's Arthurs' area so he had a few locations selected.
    Stony Brook is a very photogenic area, and we got to shoot some film, and shoot the breeze.
    We are definitely hoping to plan a session every few weeks, we are both off on Tuesdays,
    probably not the most convenient day for an outing. We are also planning some weekend activities.
    At this time all three group members are from Suffolk, but would love to meet some more Islanders !
    We are shooting 4X5, and Larger of course, if you haven't got a camera we'll be more than happy to
    have you come on down, and get involved and learn all about the Large Format Process.
    Don't be discouraged, last year this time I was running around with a DigiSnapper.
    Luckily I came to my senses !

    Join the Group, and send me a PM.
    The next meeting is Tuesday, August 3rd. 10:00 AM.
    Weather permitting, location TBD ... possibly Connetquot State Park

    Sorry for cheating, I am starting to realize that it's not easy to spot a film user on Long Island.


    From The Long Island Of New York, and the
    Long Island @ Large Format Group, right here on APUG