Film Testing with Stouffer (6 x 6 120er)

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    in the Book Way Beyond Monochrom film testing is described photographing a stouffer step tablet with a slide duplicator or a close up copy.
    I don´t have a slide duplicator or a closeup lens; I´ve a 501CM 120er (6x6 Film) with a 80mm.
    Is it possible to slide a 6x6 Stouffer Tablet into the Hasselblad Film-casette and take a photography like the filmtesting-procedure with a 4x5" filmholder?
    Has somebody experience with that?

    Best Michael
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    Go find a nice white car in bright sun. Proper exposure will get details in the black tires, the white density is controlled by time in developer. Not looking at specular highlights, if the white is grey, develop longer. If blocked up to featureless white, cut the time.

    A white stucco house with black shutters, and cross lighted to show texture is a better target, not so easy seen.

    A neg size target will get you problems with bellows factor in exposure and flair will be different from real photos. Both will slant your results.