Faroe Islands with Bill Schwab - September 11 - 19, 2012

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    The Faroe Islands with Bill Schwab
    September 11 - 19

    Limited to 8 adults (6 spaces now remaining)

    Come join me this September in what I predict will become the next photographer's destination, The Faroe Islands.

    After 5 years of leading group expeditions in Iceland, I thought it time to add my next favorite place on the planet. Mile for mile, this tiny country in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Denmark is perhaps the most beautiful and picturesque place I have yet visited. Soaring mountains and steep cliffs that rise upwards of 3,000 feet directly out of the ocean and a shoreline dotted with serene and colorful villages.

    As with all of the trips I lead, You’ll only need worry about little more than all the great photographs you will take. Your cost will include a private room with facilities each night and all transportation while in country. Also included is your plane ticket from the US for all North American travelers.

    We'll be following in the spirit of my Iceland trips which means this is not a traditional workshop. No class time, no formal critiques, just an intense, no-frills shooting experience for all involved. We will be free to roam and photograph at our leisure and The importance is on spontaneity and vigilance in such a trip and you will be "on" from the time you wake-up in the morning until your head hits the pillow.

    For more information and a short film made on a similar trip this past April, please click on the following links.

    Thanks for looking and I hope you'll come along

    More information and Registration

    Short Film